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At State Sign, we are dedicated to bringing our clients’ brands to life through providing signage, wayfinding, and graphics that will exceed their expectations. We will work with you to create custom interior and exterior restaurant signage that will best reflect the quality of your brand and business.

 The value of having custom restaurant signage goes beyond just being unique. It allows you to represent your brand in exacting detail that reflects the character and experience you want to portray to your clientele. In turn, this helps customers identify with your brand values quicker. Curb appeal has the benefit of drawing in as many, if not more, customers as an ad or marketing campaign. Custom signage will grab a customer’s attention and bring them through your doors to explore what your restaurant is making a statement about.

One-Stop Solution for All Your Restaurant Sign Needs!

State Sign provides options for custom signs for Houston restaurants. Successfully communicate your restaurant’s brand personality while driving increased customer traffic. Whether you have a group of quick-serve restaurants needing pylons, neon, channel letters, menu boards and directional, or a fine dining establishment looking for elegant internal and external signs, our team of professionals will exceed your expectations by delivering the best restaurant sign possible. We manufacture and install signage for single restaurant locations and manage complete chain rebranding campaigns with dedicated project management resources.


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Common Types of Restaurant Signage:

 Depending on your brand, location, architecture, and other factors there is a wide range of custom restaurant signage solutions that can be developed by State Sign. These options include:

  • Channel letter restaurant identity signage – uses bold, bright, and vibrant graphics combined with LED, Neon, or Faux Neon lighting to stand out in any environment and bring attention to your business.
  • Monument restaurant identity signage – placed at the frontage of the building near the primary entrance, monument signs are freestanding signs presenting your brand, tag lines, character, and a visually interesting invitation to explore your offerings and dining experience.
  • Pylon restaurant identity signage – also known as pole signs, this option uses either a single or dual pole system to elevate your brand signage anywhere between 20 to 120 ft in the air to create increased visibility that draws in customers.
  • Dynamic Digital restaurant signage – incorporating dynamic digital signage into your brand signage solutions or menu systems provides 24/7/365 marketing opportunities that can promote unique offerings and present engaging messaging. State Sign delivers the expertise in this technology to ensure the greatest value from such investments.

How Our Process Works:

  • Your sign brand consultant asks all the right questions to determine your sign needs and fully develop your brand vision
  • Your graphic designer will work closing with you and your sales consultant to bring your brand vision to life. Once you have approved your custom program designs,
  • A professional estimator will work with our fabrication team to provide you the “best cost” for your project. Per your approval the next step is
  • Permitting approval per your local municipality. Our permit experts navigate your location's sign codes so you don’t have to spend your valuable time.
  • Now your sign heads to manufacturing under the watch full eye of your project management team. This team takes your project through to your satisfaction guaranteed completion. This includes:
  • Installation and your final review and approval.

Throughout your project, State Sign reviews each step to ensure exceptional quality standards are met. “Right the First Time on Time” drives all of our processes every day.

If you are starting a new restaurant or growing your current group, contact State Sign today for a partner you can depend on for years to come.

What Our Customers Say About Us?

  I have been working Corey, Rano & Harold at State Sign for 8+ years now, but they have fabricated our signs since 1996 - and think they are fabulous! State sign is a preferred vendor we recommend to all out Bullritos Franchisees and all positives to say. With State Sign your getting quality art, design, fabrication and a personal sales team that is easily accessible...go State Sign  

Bullritos Franchise Owner.

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