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Rising high in the sky, pylons signs are a great way to attract and notify customers of your location.  Our engineers and design team make sure that your pylon sign will be rock solid as well as unique and eye catching. Our sales consultants complete exhaustive municipal code research to ensure maximum sign size and height.

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What is a Pylon Sign?

Pylon Signs are illuminated cabinets mounted on welded, staged poles from 20 feet to 80 feet tall. Pylon signs, commonly referred to as pole signs, are ideal for attracting attention from afar. Pylon signs are commonly used by businesses such as hotels, buildings, gas stations, retail stores and more. They are frequently used on the side of roadways, freeways, and highways.

How to determine your best sign height & letter size.

There are a variety of factors that determine an optimal sign size and height:

  1. Sign codes – Most municipalities have sign height and size restrictions and are often dependent upon city areas or street corridor designation.
  2. Visible distance – A larger size means larger letters. 3” letters have best impact up to 30’ with a maximum readability up to 100’ while 60” letters are impactful up to 600’ and readable at also ½ mile.
  3. Other signs - Are other signs blocking visibility? Our designers will provide views to make sure your sign is easily seen.

For even more impact, consider adding a digital LED message board to your pylon to provide a dynamic display with enhanced visibility. Request a free quote today to see if a pylon sign is right for your business.

What Our Customers Say About Us?

  State Sign was a pleasure to work with! They did an amazing job on my pylon sign and I would highly recommend them. Seamless from start to finish - THANKS!!  

Heena Esmail.

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