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For over five decades, State Sign Corporation has been designing and manufacturing neon signs to Houston and the surrounding areas. Bring your brand to life with a custom neon sign today! our neon sign solutions will help attract attention to your business from miles away. Stand out of the from the crowd with a custom neon sign!

Why choose Neon for your sign?

Neon signsNeon signs are a great way to make your sign stand out from your competition. Designing beautifully colored neon signs and bending glass tubes is an art and the look of neon can't be replicated with today’s technology advances. Neon tubes can be mounted on a cabinet or used in an open face channel letter. We have partnered with many well known Houston businesses to create custom neon signage to draw customer’s to their business.

Neon is often used by restaurants and other retail businesses to create a truly unique brand appearance, Some of our clients include:

  • Spec’s
  • Gringo’s Tex-Mex
  • Jimmy Changas

Advantages offered by neon signs:

Long Life
  • Properly built and designed neon lights can last years. The average light bulb has an operating life on average of six months to a year. Typically, neon lights last longer than ten years, and when they do fail, it is usually because of electrical wiring deterioration.
Variety of Operating Ranges
  • Unlike traditional lighting that requires a standard electrical source, neon lights can be operated on a wide variety of voltages. This frees lighting designers to try more creative approaches to lighting, because of flexibility in the types of structures and power sources utilized.
Low Energy Use
  • Because the actual light is produced by the interaction of gas with electricity, neon lights use significantly less energy than traditional lights. For the most part, traditional lights employ electricity as the actual light source, but neon lights use electricity as a means to instigate light. Some estimates put energy savings as high as 50 to 70 percent

(Daniel Ames – ehow contributor)

Our neon shop has years of experience and the right equipment to produce a neon sign that will truly standout and bring to life the personality of your brand. Contact one of our neon sign specialists today!

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  I have worked with State sign for more than 20 years with great success. Always on time with a quality product.  

Kenny Simmons.

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