Multi-Tenant Signs

Do I need a multi-tenant sign for my property?

Yes! Research shows that multi-tenant signs attract more customers and tenants. State Sign designs, builds and installs multi-tenant signs in the greater Houston area and beyond that bring your brand to life and enhance the key design features of your development.

We’ll help you with your Master Sign Plan plan to maximize sign visibility, location, and size while meeting municipality code requirements.

A Master Sign Plan is a plan showing parameters for the size, location, and design of signs on the property being constructed or managed as a single development.

Whether you’re building a new multi-tenant commercial shopping center or managing an existing one, it’s essential to integrate high-quality, eye-catching signage into the development. Packing multiple standalone signs into one area can look cluttered, creating visual competition that may deter prospective customers and tenants alike. 

For impactful signage that brings attention to the businesses in your development, custom multi-tenant signs from State Sign are a great solution. Capable of accommodating many brands in one place, they effectively convey information without being obtrusive or confusing. The result is improved visibility and commerce, which benefits consumers, tenants, and your development. 

Multi-tenant signs

Multi-Tenant Signs Explained 

These are typically large, freestanding signs with multiple signage cabinets for individual businesses. Commonly placed near an entrance area or close to the main street to inform passers-by which entities are in a development, they’re perfect for many multi-tenant applications. 

  • Shopping Malls 
  • Shopping Centers
  • Strip Malls
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Parks
  • Food Halls
  • Strip Centers 
  • Business Parks
  • Medical Centers 
  • Mixed-Use Developments 
  • Any Other Structures With Multiple Tenants

Who needs multi-tenant signage?

Your Custom Multi-Tenant Sign Partner

State Sign is a full-service provider of custom signage solutions in the greater Houston area and across Texas. With responsive design, manufacturing, and installation services under one roof, we can take your multi-tenant sign from concept to finished product quickly and affordably.

When partnering with us on a multi-tenant sign, anything you need to create the best marketing for your tenants and development is possible. We’re experts at incorporating specific colors or design elements into a sign to support your structure’s architectural style and meet local building codes. Even when a jurisdiction has restrictions on look, size, and height, it’s easy for us to create signage that promotes each unique business and your property. 

Most multi-tenant signs incorporate printed panels made of polycarbonate. This material is durable and can withstand varying weather conditions. The panels can also be cut out of aluminum faces or feature three-dimensional lettering for a more elegant and sophisticated look. 

No matter the chosen style, the panels on multi-tenant signs are removable. If you have tenant turnover in a space, installing a panel for the new occupant is easy and hassle-free. Every aspect of the sign is fully customizable to highlight the tenants’ style and your shopping center’s architectural elements.

Go Digital With State Sign

Some property owners may find value in LED multi-tenant signs, which enable users to change messaging and animations quickly and easily. This makes it possible to present sales, special events, and charity or community efforts that may interest passers-by.

State Sign can help you leverage digital signage to attract customers to your tenants. Just like other signs, our team can design, build, and install an LED multi-tenant sign that will boost your marketing reach for years to come.

Here for You

To meet the needs of our customers, State Sign works throughout Texas. We provide Houston multi-tenant signs for developments of all sizes, whereas our Austin multi-tenant signs have helped businesses reach new customers as the city grows. The Dallas multi-tenant signs we manufacture are used to market both national brands and small businesses. 

For more information about custom multi-tenant signs, please reach out to us. We’re happy to discuss your project in greater detail. 


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