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Take your brand to the next level with a LED Digital Commercial Sign!

State Sign Corporation is the leading manufacturer of digital LED commercial signs for the Houston area. Outdoor digital signage dramatically increases marketing visibility with flexible branding capabilities. The custom outdoor electronic commercial signs designed for outdoor uses are rapidly replacing traditional forms of advertising, like print, radio, or television because of their direct and instant promotional messages. Popular uses for outdoor digital LED commercial signs included easy to read prices, event times and dates, current promotions, social media updates, and much more. Stand out against the noise with Houston outdoor electronic commercial signs from State Sign. LED Digital Signs are also known as Electronic Message Centers, or EMCs, or electronic outdoor signs. EMCs are programmable electronic visual communication devices designed for an outside environment. EMCs can store and display various images and formats that can be programmed to show for different durations of time.

Outdoor digital LED commercial signs are commonly used for a variety of business types, including:

  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Pharmacies
  • Restaurants
  • and much more, all with the focus on marketing their current events, promotions, or products.

outdoor digital LED signs

Serving the greater Houston area, State Sign is the industry leader in outdoor LED commercial signs and Electronic Message Centers! Our expert Houston team designs, manufactures, and installs digital LED commercial signs, in addition to completing message center solutions to help you develop a marketing strategy that turns a static sign into a dynamic marketing tool. Call us today to discuss the possibilities that electronic message centers can provide for your business. Financing options are available!

5 Benefits of a Dynamic Digital LED Sign:

  1. Attract an Audience - Bright colors, graphics, and videos in high definition can easily gain the attention of passing customers.
  2. Reduce Advertising Costs - Save money on continuous print advertising.
  3. Easy to Change Content - A great advantage with digital display signs is the ability to update content at the click of a mouse button.
  4. Influence Purchase Decisions – Traditionally buying decisions are made in-store. With a content-driven digital sign, these decisions are powerfully influenced by high-quality images and videos.
  5. Web Connectivity – Differentiate your business by providing your customers with real-time web content such as twitter feeds, weather updates, news, and more.

Digital display systems are rapidly replacing other advertising mediums like print, radio, and television because they deliver your promotional message directly to customers an instant purchase decision. Call us today to discuss the possibilities electronic message centers can provide. Financing options available.

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  I have worked with State Sign on several projects over the past 4+ years and would recommend them highly. Their friendly and knowledgeable team makes it easy to design and install signage on time and on budget.  

Spencer Harkness.

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