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Interior architectural signage is great for communicating effectively throughout your company facility to both your staff and visitors. Whether you are looking for steel, aluminum, or plastic interior or custom ADA & directional signage, we offer multiple types of custom colors and finishes to match your décor and other architectural features. State Sign has representatives ready to help you determine the best architectural signage for your facility to help visually communicate the message you want to deliver.

Interior architectural signs are used in a campus environment having the purpose of enhancing your brand while providing wayfinding or other site-specific information. They are designed to complement the design aesthetics of a building or group of buildings.

interior Architectural signs


Interior architectural signs are usually customized for a single location and categorized for use as:

  • Branding signs – Are usually dimensional and do not have to comply with ADA guidelines, this type of signage is often a store logo or something to help emphasize the feeling of a space.
  • Identification signs – This is needed if a room or space is not readily changing its use. For this type of signage, you must follow the ADA guidelines. Identification signage will have Braille or tactile lettering, as well as compliant proportion, character height, sign finish, and contrast.
  • Informational – A sign that gives you a sense of general location. Examples would be directories or maps.
  • Directional – Do not require tactile or Braille characteristics specified by the ADA guidelines, however, they must possess the requirements for proportion, character height, sign finish, and contrast. Examples of this type of signage would be office floor directories or specific wayfinding on how to get around a floor or department.
  • Regulatory –Mainly address safety concerns. This type of signage is mandated by local codes and regulations.

We’ve helped industry types from medical and educational campuses to shopping malls and government facilities navigate the sign requirements for their project. Let us assist you with your project today.

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