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Church Signage

State Sign designs, manufactures, installs, and services interior and exterior signage for churches and religious institutions.  Churches utilize various types of signage to attract attention to the property, display messages and announcements, guide patrons on the campus, and much more.  With over sixty years of experience, the team at State Sign has the expertise to deliver custom church signs and religious institution signs to meet the unique needs of churches and religious organization in the Houston area and across Texas. 

Church Sign 

Custom Church Signage

As the trusted name in church signage, State Sign manufactures various types of signage for church campuses of all sizes.  Whether you need monument signs, electronic message signs, cabinet signs, the team at State Sign has the expertise to guide you through the decision process and deliver an outstanding result. 

 Examples of effective church signage include:

  • Monument Signs – Monument signs are typically placed at the entrance of the church property to serve as a landmark for patrons and designate the beginning of the church campus. Monument signs are excellent for brand recognition and directional assistance. 
  • Electronic Message Signs – Also known as digital LED signs, this type of signage offers flexibility for the type of message to display. Churches utilize electronic message signs to make announcements, advertise upcoming events, share inspiration, and much more.

 At State Sign, we believe understanding customer needs is the key to excellent customer service, which is part of what makes State Sign unique.  We proudly manufacture signs in Houston, Texas, and we only use the highest quality materials. 

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  I have been working Corey, Rano & Harold at State Sign for 8+ years now, but they have fabricated our signs since 1996 - and think they are fabulous! State sign is a preferred vendor we recommend to all out Bullritos Franchisees and all positives to say. With State Sign your getting quality art, design, fabrication and a personal sales team that is easily accessible...go State Sign  

Bullritos Franchise Owner.

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