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At State Sign, we come to work every day because we want to help you answer 1 simple question. How can I get more customers into my business? For over 60 years now we have been learning, testing and growing our sign expertise and our ability to help our customers succeed. Much of our success today is evident in our history and we are very proud of the people who made us what we are today and strive to become in the future.


Vic Coppinger and Frank page opened "State Neon Products of East Texas"


Vic Coppinger and new partners Morris Wozencraft and Danny Zoch renamed the business "State Neon of East Texas"


As times changed, we again renamed our business to "State Sign Corporation" Located in Orange, Texas, this location operated until hurricane Ike hit the region in 2008


Danny Zoch and Harold Mabry Purchased "State Sign Services of Galveston" in LaMarque, Texas


Danny Zoch purchased Mr. Mabry's interest in "State Sign Services of Galveston", and moved the business to Houston soon after hurricane Alicia hit the coastal area


After more than 50 years in the sign business, Danny Zoch retired and merged with Comet Signs making this one of the largest sign companies in Texas

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State Sign designs, manufactures and installs custom signs across the United States.

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